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Our Services

Indoor Board

Our century bank barns have been renovated to provide safe, bright and airy box stalls.  Thick rubber mats laid on limestone screenings provide excellent drainage with no odour. We use dust free shavings for  bedding so even horses with respiratory concerns are safe in our well ventilated barns.


Horses are turned out in small groups or semi private paddocks for a minimum of eight hours per day. Private turnout available for a nominal fee.

All paddocks contain water troughs. Heated troughs are provided in the winter.

Custom feeds provided two or three times a day.

Blanket changes included.

Outdoor Board

Small group or semi private turnout available.


Private turnout available for a nominal fee.


Two custom feeds daily for all horses.

Hay is fed 4 times daily, as there are no round bales inside the paddocks.  This enables us to manage horses' intake, and also helps avoid the breathing issues associated with eating directly from dusty round bales. We, instead, throw the appropriate amount of hay into ground level hay feeders.

All paddocks contain water troughs. Heated troughs are provided in the winter.

Run in shelters are provided in 24/7 outdoor paddocks.


Blankets on/off as needed.



We are privileged to offer lessons and coaching for beginners through to experienced competitors.

Whether you are interested in simply learning to ride for fun, or have visions of competing in dressage, show-jumping or riding x-country, we are able to provide you with the assistance you need.

Lessons are private or semi-private to

ensure students receive all their coach's

attention and care.  Beginner lessons

teach proper grooming and horse handling,

so as to keep riders safe while working

around our horses and ponies.

Our 170 ft X 60 X indoor arena is equipped

with a full set of show jumps, and riding in

our grass dressage ring feels like actually

being at a show.  Our cross country

park enables riders to hone their xc

abilities without having to leave home.

We regularly travel to other facilities to

practice our skills off property - further preparing horses and riders for a show environment, or simply just to have fun.

We offer our facility for ship-in lessons as well.

So if you'd like to have a lesson, or bring your horse in for regular training, we can arrange that too.

Custom lesson and training packages can be created for all levels of horse and rider. 

Terri Care

This is a term that our boarders use when speaking about the high level of care and attention that is provided to all the horses. 


Terri-Lynn cares for all the horses at

Fairly Big Farm

as if they are her very own. 

The staff members at Fairly Big Farm have this same attitude of attention and accountability instilled in them. 

 All the members of the Fairly Big Farm horse-care team are diligent, observant, and reliable.

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